how to render a japanese Katana (Hamon)

Started by Morgan, August 29, 2020, 05:06:59 AM

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Hello everyone,
is there a way to get a japanese swordsmithing Hamon(刃文) in Keyshot 9
for a Katana / Wakizashi to render?

Now I have many unsuccessful attempts behind me and would be grateful for any tip.
Thank you for your efforts.



eden55555, its not my work,
this is what I would like to get as a result, approximately.

Thanks, Jesse.Art

Roughness and color map?



The metal works but the blade with the hamon doesn't look like either as texture or label


Have you had a look at the topic/question a bit lower, titled "Color Gradient over any texture"? Seems that it may be a way forward?


I'll do that, thank you very much for the suggestion Trixtr!


if you eden55555 already copy something from the net it is correct to mention the source, see
it is my profession to forge Japanese blades but the subject was not the possibility of forging errors only the render possibilities in Keyshot!

If a good solution can be found the goal would be, to make it available to everyone through the Keyshot Cloud.

And a new test


Just so you don't waste your time....

I'm 99% certain that eden55555 is some sort of bot. If you look at all other posts made by eden55555 you'll see they rarely make any sense are are never really offering any helpful information. If eden55555 is not a bot and is in fact an actual person, then the posts make even less sense as I'm not sure why a person would come here and make nonsense post after nonsense post. I've reported eden55555 to the mods several times but the account persists.


Thanks for the idea, I checked the show post button and I think you're right TGS808  :)