How to remove reflection

Started by MichaelT, October 08, 2020, 05:51:24 AM

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I have a question, How to remove reflection from the object? Or there is some option available to do it or exclude HDRI map from the reflection?
Or Exclude reflection from geometry?


I've tried several techniques in the past and older versions of KeyShot. But getting the best results composed different renderings in post. With animation it would be a tough workflow but not impossible.
You can activate experimental features and play with the ray mask node in the opacity channel, you can block things with a plane between objects that have the ground material applied. But these objects cast and force shadows that makes lighting a bit difficult. Also you can play with the backside mask. You'll find older posts from Eric (bdesign aka the KeyShot ninja) showing impressive math graph node combinations.

Perhaps you can share a scene that demonstrates the problem.



For animation, use render layers to create your selections to mask between renders cleanly. In AE just bring in your render layer (you won't actually use the render so don't worry about them not being denoised) and use that as a matte for another layer.

Do NOT rely on clown mask for that. You'll always end up with either jagged selections, or rounded sharp corners.