Fixing animation annoyances

Started by andy.engelkemier, September 28, 2020, 07:01:57 AM

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I don't usually do animations in keyshot, but when I do...I remember why I don't.
As you Should be doing, I only render frames so there isn't a loss in quality when editing in AfterEffects.

I'm curious if there are ways to avoid some of these issues:

1: render layers and any effects are all dumped into one folder.
    Current solution is to create folders for each. Do a search for clown (which I forgot, is useless because I rendered in GPU mode so I'll just trash all of those since they gave me only one yellow part and everything else ended up red). Move all of those to the folder. Do a search for one render layer, copy all of that to that folder....and repeat for everything. This takes a surprising amount of time.

2: this one is on me...I forgot to render with padding. It would be Really nice if that was default added to the length of animation, or at Least just pad it to 3 since that's likely the most common. I'll have to use something like BulkRename Utility to fix that. Because alphabetically it's 0,1,10,11...19,2,20,21, etc.

3: The stinking name is AFTER the number! I'm not sure who's decision that was, but it's....well, maybe there's a different way to handle it that I'm not aware of, which is why I'm asking. But I have to use BulkRename on all of those to fix that as well.

Well, I guess that was it. I found several other things that I was not a fan of also. Like I needed a blinking light. You can't loop Those. So either you do All the stops one my one in a single node, or you have to copy the node over and over and make an overly complicated network in your material. Either way, if you need to change the timing of that a little?
In my case, I needed light to go through too many transparent things in the end, so I just said "F it, doing it in post) and well...I'm doing it in post, which will be more flexible in timing anyway. But being able to loop a node in the material graph editor would be nice.


Here you'll find and automated process to create subfolders collection output types via simple batch script. You can tweak it for your needs. So you can let KeyShot render all in one folder and organize them per rules. This might help for AE?!?


AH! Yes. That should help a bit. I don't have any files I haven't already renamed to give it a try, but that definitely helps. I suppose I could probably have it remove a portion of the name also, so that the number is last, as it should be. I guess it's time for me to brush up on my windows batch commands again.

These are the kinds of things I would like to see done within keyshot though, even if it's just scripting there, and not a Batch file. I'd worry the batch file would break at a certain point, causing a Very large amount of data to be wrecked. Although, I probably wouldn't trust keyshot to render that long of an animation anyway. It just decided to stop rendering a couple times on one after rendering a few black frames. No error. No idea why. So I'll try and keep rendering segments to less than 15 second segments when possible anyway.