need help to make an old, ancient, antique, brushed metal material

Started by Öner, October 14, 2020, 03:26:33 AM

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i should make a material that will show new my product as an old, brushed copper.  at first, i don't wanna use texture image for this material, but if it's impoosible to make it by using only KS i can use image.

i've tried to make something as you can see below, and there is another one image of real photo that it's my goal in this way.

please help me on this way, btw i share my material, please let me know my wrongs.


Quote from: Zeltronic on October 14, 2020, 04:01:37 AM
Nice ;)

about what  :D  i think i really need help.  my material looks like noob.


hi again,

i've made something about my post.  at this time, i tried to make a new stained copper material by using some maps.  if you want to see details of this material, please look at the below, you'll see a KSP file for KS9.

Eugen Fetsch

Try to drive some additional imperfection maps with the occlusion and curvature node. This videos should help: