How to save the camera information

Started by Higuchi, October 23, 2020, 03:37:40 AM

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Hi guys,

Would it be possible to save the camera information? I know the environment information can be saved to use for other scenes. But, I can't find any buttons in the camera tab.

Thank you,


You can create new asset in the model library that contains only cameras. And you can also import this scene into another only using the import camera option (but toggled off geometry, etc.)

IMHO a model library asset with "camera setup scenes" would be the handiest way.

A dummy geometry object would provide a thumbnail. Otherwise you'll get an info dialog, that KeyShot can't calculate the bounding box.
(Maybe a 3D object showing a simplified camera would made nice looking and understandable thumbnails)

Hope that helps



Thank you Macro!
I'll try it when I am convenient. I couldn't come up with using model asset, and it looks clever!



As you can see in the asset dialog, you can use the same for several other useful things like image style setups, etc. and combinations. The clever devs from Luxion made it in KeyShot 9.


If you try and import an FBX file with only cameras though, it seems like it imports, but it doesn't. So you'll need to be sure and bring Some geometry with you.


Unfortunately, this is typical for KeyShot: Why make things simple when you can make them complicated!
How about an import dialog box?


Hello DaniS.

I don't give any comment on your post. But what you're mentioned is already possible since KeyShot 9.0 and well described in the manual.
If a user know, which cameras from which scene is needed, it is possible only import the cameras via import dialog (see attached screenshot)

The solution with the model library gives a company a really good way to store scenes with cameras for only particular situations (when needed). So the user don't have to remember about the file name and the location that might don't have access to. The import via model library don't need an import dialog, so less ways for mistakes or unwanted extra parts and objects.
Long story short: the model library is a practical way for standardization.

KeyShot is a very easy using software with a short workflow, without being too complicated. This is my personal experience as a user (Senior Technical Consultant) since HyperShot and nearly every version of KeyShot.

And I don't want to be mean or write in a sarcastically term!

Hope that helps



Hello Marco,

thanks for the answer! Also I do not want to be sarcastic.

The problem is the plural: Cameras

Maybe I don't want to import 37 cameras but only one. For example, if I want to import paragraph formats in Indesign from another document into my current one, a dialog box appears.
This allows me to load each paragraph format individually and to react to name conflicts accordingly

The dialog box is self-explanatory. Full control for the user.
I hope you find the picture in the appendix. This is the first time I try to include an image here in the forum

Greetings Daniel


The indesign way is a really great feature. Maybe if you rename this topic and add "wish list", other users can add their "+1". So Luxion could take notice to this. Also you can write this as a feature request to the support. So this request would be add to the list for the devs if enough users needs such a feature or sees the benefit.
It wouldn't be ready for KeyShot 10, but hopefully soon?!

So a little work would maybe work as a workaround. Just clear/delete the parts and groups from the scene tree, delete camera 2 - 37, add this to the model library, undo, delete camera 1, 3-37 (and repeat the last steps). So you'll get 37 camera scenes in the model library (subfolder for camera content) and you can drag only specific choices into your scene.

What also might be possible, to create a script with a list of specific cameras and a select option for each entry. So you can run the script and choose to your needs. So the camera(s) would be created if not already exist(s) in the scene.

(just an idea)



Hello Marco and all the others,

but that is what it is all about. No workarounds but direct, simple and time-saving solutions!

When I import models from the model library I don't get a dialog box. 

Also I miss functions like "delete all cameras and/or environments that are not used in studios".

It would also be good if you could import single studios (please with aspect ratio) from an existing document into a new document. You could say that instead of deleting a lot of things and saving a new file to import it again?!

It's all about bringing order into the documents and onto the hard disk. To work off correction loops and/or start new projects.

In the subforum "Wishlist" such things have been suggested several times.

I have invested 5 years in KeyShot and I am very interested that the software helps the user to save time and earn money.

Cheers Daniel