Label Appearance changes After Rendering

Started by iDon23, November 06, 2020, 07:31:11 AM

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Hello, fellow Keyshot users. This is my first time actively on the forum, but I retrieved a lot of help from this forum in the past in old threads. thanks for your work!

Currently, I am running into a problem with a fabric label. When I apply it to the material, it appears perfectly fine in the real-time view, but as soon as I render it, the label creates an unwanted directional pattern.
So far I tried rendering JPG instead of PNG. And played around with the light settings. I am using Keyshot 8.2. below a rendered example, a screenshot of the realtime view, where I tested using a fabric material (couldn't achieve the same appearance as with the label) and the label I am using.


I was able to fix it. Actually, it was just the bump of the label. Once I turn it off, I get the uniform fabric appearance. I am just still wondering how to add some depth/texture to the fabric, without this effect appearing.