Any way to delete/Select all un-used cameras?

Started by Aeonjoey, November 09, 2020, 10:25:08 AM

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In our workflow, people will import model sets from one KSP/BIP to another and before we know it we have HUNDREDS of cameras in our lists.
Currenlty the only way to clear them that I could find was to click, press delete, click, delete, click, delete. and then you get a dialog warning you that a camera is in use in a Studio - GOOD this is awesome that it does this, so KS is keeping track - so there HAS to be a way to either select all un-used, or delete all un-used enmasse, no?

(we also have this issue with Image Styles and Environments, but Cameras is the biggest hassle)


In the scene tab, in the scene tree, under "Cameras" you can select multiple cameras at once and delete them all at the same time.


and remember that you can de-select importing all those in the import dialoge in the first place, but yeah, that's something I forget to do too.


*mind explodes* TGS808, Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! omg wow.

and yes mattjgerard!, I (try to usually) keep an eye on those checkboxes when I'm importing (if they were off by default it might be easier maybe)

We only recently discovered the power of those checkboxes, and have started using 'template' files to import/export cameras, multi-material studios, and environments - so even when a file gets clogged full of all the things, we can export our model set - make a fresh new blank file, import the model set files we need leaving out all the extra stuff we don't want,

and then importing a template file that has all the environments, cameras, etc. it's actually been faster doing this with some products.