Opacity dragging down speed

Started by mattjgerard, November 13, 2020, 09:19:46 AM

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I have a small part (wheel hub) that I have a white paint on and adding a opacity map to a label to add some grunge. With region render on, without the opacity map turned on, the FPS is at about 300, when I turn the opacity map on, it drops to 13fps. I have always had trouble with opacity maps dragging down the speed by A LOT. I routinely used an expanded mesh opacity map for doing the hard guard around industrial machines, and I had to switch to something esle, as the opacity maps would cause the fps to slow down to below 1fps and this is with 62/64 cores running, standard product lighting settings. I can do a simple test of a cube with a simple material on there, and as soon as I add any opacity maps anywhere it slows way down.

Anyone see this?

Eugen Fetsch

Same here! Sometimes it is faster to render twice in layers and create the opacitiy in post.