Orbital Brushed Stainless Steel

Started by Robb63, November 12, 2020, 07:17:44 AM

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Any idea how I can get an orbital brushed look to a brushed metal material?
Looking for a finish as if you sanded stainless with an orbital sander. Trying to get similar to the attached images.


I'd start with Scratches texture and adjust them to be thin and random. Apply multiple layers of scratches (Bump Add) to get the effect you want.



watch esbens tutorial on anisotropy as well. There's lots going on in that texture, so try to mentally seperate it into different layers you can apply as labels and such. Those are tough materials. also look at presets that are close, or places like poliigon that might have photoscanned based textures.


I'll give Esben's tutorial a shot.
It's hard to find a good representation of the material I'm trying to create. It's really just a brushed stainless steel with the brushed lines having a curve to them (more like they were created with a large circular palm sander).


That's an interesting task.
(Just comment it to keep informed)