KS10 questions

Started by andy.engelkemier, November 18, 2020, 09:17:28 AM

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In the middle of a rush project so won't be able to install it for a bit. Some of the new features seem like they might be useful, but I'm not sure I see anything that will change my life quite yet, but I'm making some assumptions about some things for now. The lightlister is probably the most useful thing I'm seeing at the moment, but I haven't been using physical lights due to how much slower they are. But maybe they made improvements there as well.

Ray Mask is not in documentation at All. Is there still a ray mask node? You might have to enable the "experimental features" to enable it. And if so, does it work with GPU now?

Also does clown mask, with the labels option, work with GPU now without having to put a label on every single material? Before, several objects would end up being the same color.

The lack of raymask node on gpu is pretty important to me so I can choose objects to not cast shadow when I need a certain effect.