Keyshot 9 Mac cannot seem to make any material from the cloud work

Started by maddiemonster, November 23, 2020, 08:56:38 PM

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Hi All,
First-time poster here and long time Keyshot user and lurker. :) Thanks for all the answers you all supplied in the past :D

So, I use keyshot 9 on the mac and no matter what i cannot seem to get cloud materials to download and unzip their textures to the application support folder. I even gave full disc access to keyshot and the cloud manager utility.. still every time I download a material I get some variant of this error when I drag it from the materials library to my object

(04:57:20) Zip: Could not unzip to: "/Library/Application Support/KeyShot9/Textures/Skin_Color_wPores4.png"

file names change of course but I always seem to have issues with this... I searched the forum but most discussion on this seems a few versions old.