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Started by MichaelT, December 04, 2020, 06:41:23 AM

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Hello. Can you create some plugin or something that lets other users open *.ksp projects that created into newer versions of KeyShot into older versions of the program?



If you enable the experimental features, you can export the scene for KeyShot 6 as a bip file. This isn't supported and has some limitations. But in some cases it might help.


that helps a bit, however a lot has changed since KS6 and so this option is only helping to a certain extend!

it catches me every year:
it is too tempting to switch to the newest version with our current projects, as there is always that one feature, that I was desperatly waiting for ...
than, quite a bit down the road, I realize that there are some bugs in the new version, that cost my more than I gained, so I wish I could go back to the stabil version, but I invested already too much time and going back to KS6 is simply not an option anymore...

just out of curiosity, I exported a 400mb file from KS10 to KS6 and tried to open it in KS9 and got : nothing!
only the geometry was there, which lost almost all the material information, of course all realcloth and displacement information and all the animations...
KS6 is simply outdated nowadays ...
it should be possible to just go back to the previous version!