Stop displacement at edge

Started by Trixtr, December 09, 2020, 02:09:35 AM

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Using KS9, I'm trying to use a geometry displacement with scratches (standard material texture from KS library) as the input to the displacement, to get a slightly wrinkled effect, see the resulting image. The issue is that the scratches that end at an edge give an open "broken edge" effect as can be seen clearly on the right of the image. I tried splitting the surface, but this does not improve it, since the scratches texture doesn't end at the edge. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue? Some type of "displacement falloff" to the edges of a surface maybe, but not sure if that is possible. I could be to try to make the texture manually as an image in an external program, but then I loose the possibility of changing parameters in the material editor.



The only way to avoid these tears at sharp edges is to soften these edges in CAD by applying fillets/edge blends.
I know it is not likely the solution you want to hear, and I know that it can take a lot of work depending on the geometry, but this is the most robust approach for now. :)

Attached image shows the same displaced material on a model without and with edge blends.



Thanks for the tip. I'll try that out to see how it works.