Author Topic: Little tweak to Locked Camera Mapping.  (Read 3730 times)

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Little tweak to Locked Camera Mapping.
« on: December 14, 2020, 01:55:19 pm »
Locked Camera Mapping at one step from texture painting !

Hi there !
I write to ask/wish for one very little tweak in this option that will allow us to texture paint by projection.
Right now the texture enters Keyshot at a random position, proportion and location.

The tweak is that, if I load an image with the option of Locked Camera Mapping, the texture image should be:
1- Centered.
2- With the superior part up.
3- With the longest proportion fitting the longest proportion of the frame.

What's the idea after this?
A texturing workflow like ZAppLink in ZBrush.
For the ones that are reading this and don't know what ZAppLink does. It's a way to Texture a 3d object projecting a 2d image that you make in Photoshop (or any other 2d editing app). The key part to do it is the alignment between the camera viewport and the texture. That's why I'm asking for the 3 points above.

What do you think?
Thanks !
Cheers !