Keyshot 10 breaks KS9's Translucent - how to fix:

Started by Aeonjoey, December 08, 2020, 02:20:44 AM

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When opening up a KS9 file that has material type Translucent, it becomes "Translucent (Advanced) (Legacy)", a temporary substitute that you cannot re-select later.
It also causes a speckled cloudy appearance to the translucency, If you pick the normal "Translucent" material type in KS10 it returns to normal - EXCEPT nodes attached to specular and surface in the material graph, become disconnected, to restore the appearance, you need to reconnect them.

Luxion: please fix this.

Image 1: original red translucent plastic appearance in KS9
Image 2: this is what KS10 does with the material upon opening the file
Image 3: Selecting the normal Translucent material - disconnects nodes to specular
Image 4: Reconnecting the nodes manually restores the appearance.


THIS is the kind of thing I wish they opened up python scripts to be able to handle.
If I open up a file and it shows me some legacy shader, which doesn't work in GPU, I want to update ALL of them. All current maps should be connected to all the same slots. And if it were open to scripting, maybe you could just change them all to something completely different. With scripts you could change translucent to Toon. I don't know what I'll need to do in the future. And maybe I'll end up wanting to combine something like specular, bump, and diffuse into one mix map chain so it flattens it out. Who knows. But I Could do it. right? Instead of selecting every material one at a time and walking through the entire thing in what could be hours on some projects.