Creating a Etched, Sandblasted, Translucent White Glass Material Help Needed

Started by Lan, December 21, 2020, 11:45:53 AM

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Hey Keyshot Community, thank you for being very responsive and helping out to new users.

Recently I'm trying to create a translucent glass material that can show a little outline of the object or light inside. I'd like this material to remain white or very light grey. So far I tried using Glass (Solid) and increase the Roughness, but the glass becomes very dark and significant amount of noise. I've also tried Liquid, Translucent and even Advance type but they all turn out to be not transparent enough to show the object and light behind it. I also followed Will Gibbons ' tutorial on Cloudy Plastic and I couldn't achieve a white and lighter result.

Below I attached a few reference picture of the effect I'm aiming for and I also include an image of what I created so far with Plastic (Cloudy) type. I'll be very grateful to all your responses and help. And wish you all a Happy Christmas Holiday in advance.



hello Lan,
can you send some screengrabs of your settings ?
Lighting, material setup etc...
will be easier to help you ...