Support for Rhino 7 files in KeyShot 10

Started by jeang, January 26, 2021, 11:42:48 PM

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Unless mistaken, Rhino 7 created files are currently not supported in KeyShot Import ? Any ETA as to when
Currently the workaround is to save as Rhino 6 then import in KS when not using the plugin

Thanks, Jean


SubD data can be saved as Rhino 6 files but still not be opened in Keyshot 10. Conversion to NURBS is necessary before


The Rhino > Keyshot plugin works fine with Rhino 7 and Keyshot 10 . You don't need to save as RH6, but SubD being not yet supported they must be converted as Nurbs or Mesh before to Export to KS


importing and "drag and drop" of Rhino 7 files do not work in KS10. Surprizingly the new plugin works without any problems.
But the first two adding methods need some work and fixing