How do I digitise a hand crafted textile pattern from an image?

Started by jakesround, December 29, 2020, 04:05:59 AM

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Hi, I'm working with a client who creates hand-crafted cushions. They have asked me to do visuals of their pillows in interiors. However they have no digital trace of their designs.

How do I digitally replicate the pattern within the image attached?

How do I also mimick a stitch pattern in keyshot material graph as close to what is shown in the image?

Many thanks


hello jakesround,
I was playing around with Realcloth and the new 3d Ply geometry, but I am afraid, that this will not lead to a satisfying result within KS!
You would need to have real 3D geometry for the stiching parts and than play around with displacement and/or Realcloth to get to a decent result!
But even that will result in a lot of work and playing around!
I am afraid you would have to go into a program like Blender or Marvelous Designer, create a decent 3D geometry there and than render it out in KS...