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Started by Higuchi, January 21, 2021, 10:42:44 PM

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Hi guys,

I'm looking for human 3D model working well on Keyshot. I know many 3D polygon data is being sold, and ANIMA looks so real and easy to use as far as I searched. But, the data provided by ANIMA seem to work on Blender, 3DS-max, Maya and so on, not to work on Keyshot...

Has anybody tried to use any human 3D data on Keyshot? I want to discuss this topic and see good examples with human 3D data. I guess some CG softwares like Maya or Blender are good at making human beings or creatures, but how do we generate it on Keyshot?

The only what I have is the attached image provided by Luxion. It's convenient for me to verify the scale on the space, although it looks too hard and not real to use for presentation...


There are no rigging tools in KS, so if you are hoping to be able to pose your models in KS, you are out of luck. I have been using Renderpeople models in cinema 4d as they are ok for the price and good enough for what I am doing. They are by no means photorealisitic, and there are a ton of issues trying to use the maps. They are photoscanned so the closeup geometry and UV mapping leave lots to be desired. I've also tried to play with DAZ models, but didn't have enough time to works with them so I'm not sure about it. Overall though, it would be great to have KS support some sort of rigging for people.


Thank you for the helpful comment,
I haven't know the difference in rigging tool on Renderers.
If I would adjust the human model on Blender, can I transfer to Keyshot and used it as a texture mapped human model? In my case, since I don't need much function for rigging such as exporting animation, I wish I could use fixed human 3D model just with UV texture mapping.


yes you can do that, depending on where you are getting your people from. Renderpeople has several free models you can play with. Not sure if they are posed or rigged, but you can check it out. They have many formats available, but like I said, not great for closeups. I use them in industrial settings where they are secondary to the machine they are standing next to. Good enough for that.


Thank you!
I successfully opened the FBX data with texture mapping from Renderpeople. Attached image is free data.