How to make this beautiful Oak?

Started by DaveD, January 31, 2021, 03:28:50 PM

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I saw a great example of White Oak rendered in Keyshot.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how this could be replicated?  I assume it starts with some nice high res images.  I particularly like the open grain texture to it.



I would start with Procedural Wood textures so the end grain is correctly rendered. From the appearance of the end grain in the image it appears that images were applied with Traditional wood texture. Careful editing of the texture will get you what you want. Be aware that it will take some time to get the grain looking like you want. Once you get the effect you're looking for Save it for use on later projects.


Hi Harold,

Thank you for your reply.  I have played around quite a bit with procedural wood and watched plenty of great 'how-to' type video tutorials on it.  Although it is ok in some instances I have yet to see anyone produce wood as realistic looking as what I am trying to achieve.

I have very happy with some renders I have done using high res images as my material.  What I like about the example image I included was the texture of the wood in a close-up image ie. the open pores etc.  I guess that is my main question here, how would this be achieved?  Displacement maps of some kind?

I can split the object surface and apply an end grain texture where needed so I am not too worried about using procedural processes to achieve end grain.

Thanks again!


Where did you see this example? Where does your screen shot come from?


Hi TGS808,

It was sent to me from someone who saw it on Instagram, I have asked them if they know the account but they can't remember unfortunately.


That's too bad. I figured if you could track down where it was from, it might help in figuring it out or, even better, you may be able to ask the person who made it.