How I can create a STEEL TOOL like a jewel (SolidEdge part)

Started by Roberto Giussani, February 07, 2021, 04:23:36 AM

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Roberto Giussani

Is there anyone who can improve this image of a ground steel piece?
I'd like to illustrate it as if it were a jewel.
The 3d part was created with SolidEdge ST8.
Thank you


You'll find great tutorials at YouTube:
As well plenty of useful metal materials in the KeyShot cloud.

75% of a metal material depends on the environment lighting.

Curious to see your results if you might share your experiences.



You might check out Will Gibbons tutorials, he has a paid tut on how to create machined metal. OR he has this free tut on You Tube.

BTW, I've used press brake punches like that in my previous employment. What is the company you are doing this for or is it for personal use?

Roberto Giussani

Thank you for your reply ... the name of my factory is GIMEC ( - Italy)