Animation window.. please let us resize animation list

Started by RRIS, January 15, 2021, 03:20:35 AM

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What it says in the title. I have an animation here in KS10 and about 60 different animations going on with long titles and I can't resize the width of the animation list. It's impossible to figure out which does what, unless I select it and see what part it deals with. Can you guys please make it so that we can resize this column to our needs, instead of having it fixed at some arbitrary width?


I see this is fixed / added in 10.1, although it works a bit weirdly. You have to be quite precise and pick inside of the frame/sec counter box near the edge of the top-right corner. Your cursor won't change to indicate that you can resize the bar width, so you might have to click a few times to find the spot.. but it IS possible now.