Rendering takes too long! Help needed.

Started by DakmarHaven, January 05, 2021, 08:05:55 AM

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently rendering a picture and the rendering time is insane! My rendering time is too high as it takes about 24 - 32 hrs.
I'm kind of newbie to keyshot, so I've digged a bit into the topic, but couldn't find too many useful infos. So far I've figured out that my materials and settings are apparently the problem, but changes didn't impact the rendering time in a positive way so far.
The size of my output picture is approx. 2272 x 1704. My CPU has 12 cores and 24 threats and my graphic model is RX5700XT Saphire.

I've also attached the materials I'm working with and the background setting.

Can someone give me a few more hints?



The best way for us to figure out what is going on is by just uploading the package file to somewhere we can download it. There are so many reasons why your render is too slow and the only way to solve it is for somebody to go in there and look at all the settings until it is resolved.


hello DakmarHaven,

although you provided a lot of screenshots, it is like KristofDeHulsters said: too little info to give a solid answer.

from what I see I have your lighting setting under suspicion, but I would need to take a look at the scene.
I assume you cannot share your work, but I would suggest you replace your model with a much simpler geometry, trying one material after the other to see:
a) if your lighting setup is already that heavy, that it causes the long render time
b) if one of your materials causes problems with your lighting setup.
so you can start to narrow down the problem.

if you can share some dummy scene it will be much easier for sure, but also maybe a screengrab of your scene with blocked out model might help ..



I guess it is in the lighting settings and also in the rendering settings.


hello DakmarHaven,

in addition to everything said before, have you checked your sample setting in your  render options setting?


Further things to check are your render samples and Ray bounces in your render settings. This can dramatically increase your render time, considering reflective surfaces.