Too much noise

Started by FraFab, February 19, 2021, 02:46:11 PM

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Good evening,

I recently start using KeyShot 8 to render my projects mainly done by Rhino.

I am trying to create a decent interior snapshot, but I can't get rid of all that noise. Any suggestions to solve this problem and get a better image are highly appreciated. Thanks

I have attached the file, in case someone wants to take a look at it.


Noise is usually a result of not having enough samples. It makes sense that the noise is mainly behind the plant as it is more complex geometry and darker than most of the image. What sample count do you have atm? I'm not sure if Keyshot 8 already had the denoiser but that definitely will be a game changer for these kind of shots without getting to very high sample counts.

If you want I could run your file through Keyshot 9.3 on my computer and send you the denoised version. I would then overlay your version on top of the denoised version then use the eraser tool to work away where the noise is the most visible.

Good luck!


 use the render region tool to zero in on the problem areas and figure out how many samples are acutally needed to get a noise free image. I know on some of mine with LED lights behind plastics won't ever completely clean up.


Other than what the others have suggestion, wondering if you're using interior mode or product mode here?