The Rendering size and UI don't hold ?.

Started by alexsunny123, March 20, 2021, 04:28:38 AM

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I am seeing two inconsistencies in Keyshot and wondering if someone with dual monitors could make a test to see if what happens to me is a local issue or a bug. They are the Keyshot UI does not remember its UI and rendering size. Here is my M.O.

1. Open Keyshot and go full screen using 'f' key
2. Open a .bip from 'open recent'
3. In render options set print resolution height to 4.5 inches. Width is determined by keep aspect ratio. dpi at 300.
4. Save file, run the render and exit Keyshot
5. Re-open Keyshot and the UI is no longer full screen.
6. Go to render options and the hieght is now 4.497 or .003 less.

This happens for all files. Not a huge deal but rather irritating to have to not be able to have a re adjust this every time you open a Keyshot file.



Hey there Alex,

This is something that I often experience as well. Not only on multiple monitors, also when I use a single monitor. I usually work in 1920x1080 and it often switched to 1920x1079 which is indeed annoying.