Solidworks - import configurations?

Started by andy.engelkemier, February 18, 2021, 07:26:53 AM

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Is there an option to import all configurations in an assembly? It seems it only imports the active one.
Just curious. That could help out quite a bit, especially if the data for parts is instanced by default  ;)

Eric Summers

I don't think there is an "import all" option for configurations. That would be useful in some situations for sure, especially when you have more than a couple configurations.


Import all would be nice, but I would do it checkbox style:
❑select all
❑config 1
❑config 2
❑config 3


Extra points if it lets you choose if you want all the configurations as a single model set, or if you want each config to be it's own model set. So importing the above would produce 3 model sets, matching the configuration name of course.

Well if this doesn't exist, then it should probably be moved to wishlist. Although, I'm not sure if it's possible to do at all because Luxion may not have control. I'm fairly certain they license the translator. So if it doesn't have the option, then neither would Keyshot.

Eric Summers

Agreed. Checkbox would definitely be best. And who knows, it might be possible so it's worth posting on the wish list.


Sounds like something that might have the possibility of being done with a VB script in SolidWorks. You would have to activate and rebuild each config in SolidWorks before sending it to KeyShot. Once in KS you cannot switch from config to config because none of the constraints, etc, that create the config in SW are carried into KS. It would be nice though if that's something that could be able to be added to the SW PlugIn.