Author Topic: Disable selection of objects faded to 0% transparency in the viewfinder  (Read 78 times)

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Offline tbroen

Please make it an option if you want to be able to select objects that have been hidden in the scene (faded to 0% transparency in an animation). This new default that faded objects are selectable is a major pain whan working with animations where you have to show and demonstrate the inner workings of mechanical products. You have to do most selections in the scene tree or in solo-mode, which is rather timeconsuming – especially working with large models and assemblies.

It could be under options in the control panel > user interface

Treat faded objects as hidden (objects faded to 0% will not be selectable in viewport)

Enable selection of hidden objects

Agree 100%!!! Why the hell such feature was introduced? It really made life harder, please enable disabling that function (as it was previously). Working with fade animation now is a nightmare... :(