Author Topic: Let me know what you think about outside light for "interior space rendering"  (Read 1866 times)

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Offline Higuchi

Hi guys,

Give me a bit time to discuss how well Keyshot can make interior space rendering. The link below is my reference which might be rendered by Corona or V-ray on 3DS-MAX.

I'm experimenting whether I can render same quality one. What do you think of it, would it be possible to make it on Keyshot? Through my testing, it is not so difficult to make regarding as completely closed space with physical light without outside light through the window. But, I'm struggling to make interior space with sun light (direct or indirect) through the window like attached image. In this scene, do you find how is the sun light set and adjusted? I've tried to use Sun&light environment or pre-bundled HDRI on Keyshot, but I couldn't be satisfied with the output.

I know there are some complex factors such as well designed Material. But, firstly, I'd like to get the technique for the outside light to express as real.

Many thanks,

Offline Daniel Kurth

Hi, I`m new in this forum and searched for the same "problems" and now I find your post here.
Before I bought keyshot I watched some tutorials about rendering interior scenes. And there some good ones you can find with google.
But this one is is very good for beginners like me/us.  ;)

I hope it will help you too