Rounded Edges & continuous parts

Started by RRIS, March 16, 2021, 08:19:37 AM

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I have a problem with KS 10 that I didn't have with KS 7 (went from 7 to 10).. when I have multiple parts that are 'flush' / continuous (think tiles for example), I want to use rounded edges to separate them from each other and make the parts visible.
Without it, it would be one flat surface. I remember that in KS 7 this was possible and I used it many times like that, however in KS 10 it seems that those parts are now considered as 1 and Rounded Edges does nothing. It requires me to scale each part by 0,995 for example to separate them. Then it works, but for me this kind of defeats the purpose (good luck scaling each tile on a wall individually)..
Is this something that was done on purpose? Is there anything I can do to make it work like it used to?

Eugen Fetsch

Hey RRIS, it's not a bug, its a feature. In KS10 rounded edges sees multiple geometries as one, to bevel the edges on intersections. The only way to avoid it, is to scale the objects as you already did or unlink materials for each model. IMO, there shoould be a checkbox for the old algorithm. So, maybe it's a good idea to put it on the wish list or write to Luxion.


Thanks for your answer, imho it's a bit disappointing that it works this way now. I do product design and on early concept we don't do stuff like model tolerances and tiny fillets.. this feature of keyshot is (used to) be brilliant for that. It's almost useless now as intersecting geometry like that IS something we're careful of in my field. I'll see if I can contact Luxion about it.