clown mask not quite flat? 10.1.80

Started by andy.engelkemier, March 03, 2021, 06:46:46 AM

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I'm curious if anyone else is getting this.
Rendered to PNG with GPU, 256 samples, with denoise, and my clown masks aren't flat colors. (yes, I'm aware that those layers aren't denoised, but in KS9, there was no noise in the clown mask.
It seems there is about 2 levels of noise in each color.

Ways to test. Use magic want and adjust the threshold to zero. Make a selection.
Add a threshold layer adjustment on top of everything. Slide the value until one of your selections switches from white to black. Adjust the value one at a time to see where it actually flips from white to black.
In my case, it's giving me a bunch of noise for 1-2 of those levels.
This is me flipping between some of them with threshold, then I turned the layer off to see the clown mask.

There are no layers above it in photoshop, opacity is at 100% with Normal mode (just in case someone were to make that suggestion)


Man, I feel you on this Andy, and would love to hear someone from Luxion chime in. "Flat" materials feel more like "slightly emissive" to me, the bleeding/almost GI-glow has definitely been an issue with the default clown pass in my experience.

The only workaround so far has been to create clown passes as needed manually, which is tedious.