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Steel parts & realism

Started by sbohnen, August 25, 2020, 06:09:29 AM

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Hi, there! I am trying to make this look true-to-life. Our light boxes aren't really doing them justice, ie. we want to make renderings that look as real as possible! This one's 30-40% there. Any tips on how to make this look like it's propped up somewhere in the shop, in real life? Thanks!


If you have the real part look again to see if there are surface imperfections or evidence of machining? If so it could be added. Good tutorials on that. Look at surface reflections too and compare with keyshot model.
Depending on the size, you could put it on something or lean it against another one without the cut section.

Helen Garcia


Use some roughness variations and play with the round feature. There are really good materials in the cloud that can be tweaked to your needs. But in some cases you need a deeper look into the material graph if you've got access to pro version.

Split some surfaces and add some imperfections as Trixtr suggested.

Curious about the result.