Radial "diamond cut" clearcoated aluminum look on complex profile

Started by jason52, April 21, 2021, 08:02:21 AM

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I'm running into issues trying to apply an accurate diamond cut finish to a complex radial surface. I've tried using a modified wood texture but that seems to only apply to certain sections of the surface, and doesnt look exactly correct.  Radial brushed doesnt achieve the look either.



Hello Jason.

I would use an anisotropic material type with radial roughness and a tweaked wood texture for the bump.
Attached you'll find a simple scene with the material as a KeyShot 10 file.

Hope that helps



that's more/less the method I was trying but cannot get it to apply evenly to all surfaces.  I've attached an IGES to show you what I mean. The top profile is what I'm needing to be radially machined.



I was actually able to achieve a realistic look compared to the actual product by using a bright silver metallic paint, radial brushed bump map reoriented and scaled to fit. Upped the samples and it looks great.