Graduating two materials on a single surface.

Started by DaveD, February 03, 2021, 09:41:49 PM

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Would anyone be able to suggest how I can make a more graduated look between the long grain and end grain on this Oak?

With the example image, I split the object surface to apply the end grain material.  But perhaps there is a way to apply two layers of materials and graduating between the two? I'm a Keyshot rookie.



You can do the same and maybe in a better way with labels and opacity masks ;)


Thanks Zeltronic, I'll have a play around with what you suggest.

Much appreciated.


Try using Procedural wood texture. It will transition and be continuous from face grain to end grain.


Leave it as one surface and use a opacity gradient map to have the transition between the top and end texture gradually move into eachother. With that gradient map you should be able to really control how much it fades and where it fades. Good luck!