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I do quite a lot of contract work rendering consumer products for packaging, websites before physical prototypes are available for photography. Lately I've had a few instances where I was asked to animate some complex (multi-axis) animations. I can hack my way through it with semi satisfactory results moving the part along the animation timeline and adjusting the position (I'm on KS9 still). This is time consuming, and getting the timing of the moves right along all of those moves is challenging.
Really looking for a way to setup some move constraints, and limit parts to moving along curved tracks, etc then creating an exportable animation.

I currently work mostly in Rhino (I have Bongo, their animation plugin), and have access to Fusion360. Any of the animations I'm doing can be created fairly easily in either of these, but the render output from those is nothing like KS (as we all know).

I can setup motion studies in both of these, but is there a way to export into Keyshot? If not, what other options are there to create motion studies? I don't have SolidWorks kind of money to find a solution, but can budget up to $750 or so if needed.

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Re: CAD/Keyshot Workflows to Import Motion Studies for Animations
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I think you can import motion studies from Rhino, search the forum on "rhino alembic file" to see what that gives you.