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KS 10 Animation issues
« on: March 31, 2021, 10:41:20 pm »
I find there are many issue in KS 10 that haven't been in KS9 before, e.g. animated objects that I made a new model set from are still animated EVEN THOUGH I uncheck "Include Part Animation" and there are no indicators in the time line visible. Same issue  with copied animations with "linked Animations" unchecked.

Another issue is, that if I re-sort the timeline by name (coming from a start time sorting), it will distroy my animation. Timeframe bars that were 1 second long and sit at e.g. 6 seconds in, become 10 seconds long or completle invisible, but the animation maintains in action. If I than Klick on the animation bar, its shrinks back to the 1 seconds length but not in its original position.

In other words, objects with animations duplicated or made a new model set from are very buggy.  My work around is manually removing the animations from the copied objects and reanimating them step by step.
Surprizingly, if I animate an object and make a pattern out of it, the resuls work as aspected!