Can you render 2 camera's for multiple models at the same time?

Started by AdamAnt, March 12, 2021, 03:56:04 AM

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Hey guys
I have 5 different models and I would like render a turntable animation (16 frames) of each of them.
However, I also need to do this with another camera angle.

I have tried adding the animation to the render que, then add the models sets and the 2 camera's... but It only renders the 2 camera angles for the first model..after that it only renders out the models with 1 camera angels in stead of two

My question is.. what is the correct way to add this 'que' to the render queue so that I get both camera's for all the models?


Set up your cameras and model sets (and everything else) using Studios. Then send the studios to the render queue.


Thank you for you reply TGS808...
Im not very familiar with studio's but Ill look into that then!