Why this cup disappears in opacity mode?

Started by eghio, March 23, 2021, 06:59:10 AM

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I may have a simple question for you: connecting the "color gradient" window to the opacity mode of "plastic mode base" window, it simply disappears.  I've attached two screenshot in "c" view and opacity view.


You need to adjust the gradient, either by moving the color pins or changing the scale (or both) or moving the entire gradient using the move texture tool. With the gradient in the opacity channel, black=100% transparent, white=100% opaque. (AKA White, you see it. Black, you don't). Right now your cup is all black, except for the bottom (which is still visible in you scene).


hello Eghio,

TGS808 already answered your question, however my question would be:
what were you after, when appling a color ramp to the transparency?
the color ramp will only be helpful in this case if you have a part of the model transparent, while the rest is visible ...



Just deactivate the visible label material and you'll see only the bottom of the "opaque part".
You defined the opacity for the base material. But you placed a second solid material as a label all over the base material. That's the reason you see the part. You might mix the spots texture with the color gradient via a composite node and plug it into the opacity of the label plastic material.

But as Designgestalt mentioned, what is the effect you're looking for?

Hope that helps