Extreme RealCloth Stretching

Started by br3ttman, April 15, 2021, 09:47:37 AM

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So I'm having a lot of fun in both SolidWorks with Surfacing and Curve Driven Patterns and in KeyShot with UV Unwrapping to better explore and display a number of jewelry concepts.  Notice in the following views how I get a nice continuous UV Map, but also some extreme stretching of the RealCloth texture at the neck line.  Any tips on how I might mitigate this, so it's not so extreme?


Hi , I would have more seams ! Because seamless cloth is gonna stretch at some certain areas to fit such structure !
Sometimes I "stretch" some perfect UV ( in MODO) just to get the realism of real materials...

Back to the subject , I've built similar model in Solidworks and had 4 red seams in KeyShot. Hope this helps !