Author Topic: Is it possible to make Keyshot NOT triangulating objects when importing?  (Read 2655 times)

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Offline Kuba Grabarczyk

Hello everyone,

Like in the tittle: is there a way to have objects imported into Keyshot as quads? I have customer really looking for the wireframe effect with quads and not triangles. All type of objects I prepared (eg. having quads in Blender) are converted into triangles during Keyshot import. Is there any way to change it? Do you have any ideas for workarounds? Any tips from you will be very appreciated, thank you,

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Offline Kuba Grabarczyk

Thank you very much. I already tested second method mentioned - UV texturing with uv wireframe textures imported from Blender. It provided good results although it overlays the model and is not true wireframe effect. The same applies to the first toon material approach: it will not result with wireframe TRANSPARENT effect which I am looking for. Nevertheless, thank you for answering here,

Offline Kuba Grabarczyk

Just to leave the solution for future generations: eventually I combined UV textures with quads with x-ray type of material, worked quite well with some transparency

Offline DMerz III

 :) pretty cool solve, and simple.

In the past - I created a separate model of the wireframe using the wireframe modifier in Blender which will respect the quads, and then bring this geometry in as a wireframe, and overlay it with my solid model. Not a perfect solution, but has worked for me.