Coloured Environment and Backplane Shadows

Started by degruch, November 15, 2011, 04:42:38 PM

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Hello all,

OK, I've been at this for a long time, so I shouldn't be asking noobie questions...but I will.  ;D

I want to render a red car with a matching red background, can I cange the colour of my environment? I went to options, noted I could change the background colour, but the environment remained grey with a hint of red. Tease. Can it be changed to red?

Also, when using a backplane, can I cast a shadow? Ground only? Any tips on how I could get a wall mounted product to cast a shadow on a backplane featuring a picture of a wall? I don't have Photoshop, but Autodesk Sketchbook may be able to do it...I like to avoid post because I'm not good at it.

Any advice for both issue very welcome, thanks!



Here's what I'm talking about, from an...ahem...un-named rival rendering package (copyright William Woods too):

Anyone done this on Keyshot? How can it be done?


Hi there, makes a change for me to be able to help (hopefully).

Is this what you are after? Is so simply uncheck "show environment" and use just the background colour.



QuoteAlso, when using a backplane, can I cast a shadow? Ground only? Any tips on how I could get a wall mounted product to cast a shadow on a backplane featuring a picture of a wall?

As for this ... why not use the ground as wall ?  Your camera would be "over the top" upside down for a perspective higher then your object.  This way the shadow will cast on the wall (what is actualy the ground).  Your backplate will folow anywhere you go either way.  Play around with a right environement for this and you should be set.


I recommend using HDR Light Studio in conjunction with Keyshot for this. Here is a tutorial for HDR Light Studio that might help.


Thanks all! Really appreciate the advice.  ;D

@ Stuart, I did give this a go (as I attempted to describe) but it didn't seem to make much difference...I must have done something wrong, so will try again.

@ Phillipe, amazing what you miss when you don't think laterally...great idea, I will give it a try, thankyou!

@ Zander, I'd love to get into HDR Light Studio, but alas, it's more software I have to purchase and looks well worth it, but I'm 40 years old and worried I'll be dead by the time I master this rendering lark!  :D

Thanks again everyone.



HDR Light Studio is very simple to learn. You just need to wrap your head around what an HDRI Image really. Once you have that down you need to learn a bit about how a photographer shoots an HDRI with a reflective sphere (that will help you understand how and where to place your lights). Good luck!


I agree with Zander85.  Light Studio is very easy to learn, and gives you great flexibility to really "create" and paint with light.  Their Basic app is likely more than adequate and very reasonable.  Also, their tech support is super!  Do check it out.
Bill G


I was reading the updates to keyshot 3 and it looks like they have added the ability to simply change the color of the background in the new tab that is a combination of the environment tab and the backplate tab from ks2. So looks like that will help you out greatly.  8)


I also included some new environments in KeyShot 3 that have a sort of ramp for the floor and background that comes in several colors. Use this combined with a solid color background or a gradient, or just show the environment.


Thanks guys, in regard to the coloured background uncheck "show environment" was the problem! Got it working now.

Not cashed up for KS3, so it will have to wait (masses of bills first, then computer upgrades).