Textures imported from Substance Painter messed up

Started by robertjeffery, May 05, 2021, 12:09:26 PM

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New here so be kind.  I'm evaluating Keyshot and generally I love it but when importing textures from SP they are all messed up and I can't figure it out.  Modeled in Clo, textured in Substance.  Anybody ever see anything like this?

EDIT- I did some more digging and the weird rainbow banding appears to be the infinite padding SP has applied to the tiles so clearly things are not lined up correctly.  Would this have to do with the fact that my UV maps are spread across several tiles and Keyshot doesn't play nice with the UDIM format?


I have not tried this myself - but try using a tiled Uv node for your texture. You might need to refer to the manual for more advice there, but it might be what you need with multi-tiled textures


Thanks for replying.  The tiled UV wasn't working either so I looked more closely at the naming and noticed the naming was wrong.  There are three Keyshot export formats available in my version of SP- Keyshot and two Keyshot 9+ formats.  One of the 9+ names the files wrong.  Now I can bring in my textures but I am getting what look like shading artifacts and then crashed.


Sometimes recomputing normal in keyshot solve the problem too...