Unknown reflection on the bottom of the transparent container

Started by TaChunHuang, April 29, 2021, 02:43:56 AM

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As the title suggests, I have been having this problem for a while... I have tried adjusting all the things with the environment setting/Hide all the other objects in the same scene/adjusting the material itself so on...The only way it was gone was when I applied clear glass material..but I need to apply solid glass tho...please can someone give me some clues? Thanks!

Anindo Ghosh

Would it be possible to share the KSP file of your scene?

The problem could be the low tessellation level of the object. If you imported it in a vector format (e.g. STEP) that uses NURBS, you could try re-tessellating it:
- Tools / Re-Tessellate / Tessellation Quality / 0.5.

"Render NURBS" is another option to try, if you are using CPU rendering, and the model is a STEP or other NURB format.

If the model was imported as an STL, such as from Blender, then increasing subdivisions and re-exporting might help.


First thing to jump to my mind was Z-fighting, might want to check for duplicated surfaces in the same location. But it could also be irregular normals - you can try re-calculating the normals in Keyshot and see if that helps?

THose would be my first two checks


Hello TaChunHuang,

Is it possible to share the 3d model to make some tests ...