How to make fluffy towels using the fuzz node

Started by nschubart, May 12, 2021, 05:56:57 AM

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I'm trying to make realistic fluffy towels in keyshot. I've watched some tutorials but my fuzz still looks a lot like plastic, instead of fluffy fibers.

I attached images of the nodes I'm using, the properties of the fuzz, the result I had in the render and my reference of the fluffy towel.

I accept suggestions of what I can do to reach a result closer to the reference

Thank you very much :)

Anindo Ghosh

To make the towels fluffy, I find these settings useful:
1. Increase the radius of the fuzz
2. Use cylinder instead of ribbon shape
3. Increase the segments to 6 or more, 8 works well
4. Increase the Max Curves value, a lot.

After that, I tweak the length and randomness parameters till the towels look the way I want them to.

My fuzz parameters for the attached towel render are in the screenshot.