Using Material as Alpha Channel

Started by cdytebg, May 12, 2021, 04:04:31 AM

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I am looking to make all parts white in colour match the red background (when rendering the red background will be a transparent alpha background and I want this to be used where the white material is as well)

Is there any way of doing this within keyshot?

I will have thousands of images to produce and don't really want to have to put it all as a contrast colour then photoshop out all the backgrounds?

Niko Planke

Hey cdytebg,

I think your best options are render layers.
If you assign all parts that are not using the white material to a render-layer, that render layer should look as needed when rendered.
To do so i suggest to
1. Link all white parts to use the same material(you can use the Link duplicate materials(available in 10.2), by right clicking in the in project material lirbary(thats the one found under the Scenetree) and choosing Link Duplicate materials.(note depending on your import settings they might already be linked)
2. When all white materials are linked right click the white material in the in project material library and choose "select parts with material"
3. Then right-click on the selected parts in the scene tree and choose "invert selection"
     You should now have all parts that do not use the white material selected
4. go to the Selected parts properties
5. And in the render layer section create a new Render layer
6. now go ahead and make sure to enable "render layer" output in the render dialog
Next to the final output you will now find a file for your render layers.

Note that Render Layers are a KeyShot Pro feature.

If you want to speed this up even more, with some Python skill it should be possible to create a Python script using the Scripting Function(KeyShot Pro) to automate the assigning of the parts to render layers.

I hope this solution works for you.