Direction of grass growth

Started by Ivan, June 03, 2021, 07:01:21 AM

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Colleagues, hello everyone! I need your help!
How to make the grass grow on one side, and not in all directions.
I already broke my brain, nothing comes of it.
Is it even possible?


Hello Ivan.
Just split the 'one' surface and apply only on this the grass material. Otherwise you have to clip the area with a color fade node in the density channel.

Attached you'll find the sample scene (KeyShot 10.2). The area is clipped via fade node and the direction of the grass is defined by a texture (pure white png as normal texture) and rotated to the top direction.



Hi Ivan,

Here is a KeyShot sample scene for the second approach that Marco suggested.
It has a B/W Color Gradient texture driving the Density of the Fuzz geometry.

And welcome to the forum!



You seriously, so quickly resolved the issue with which I was tormented all day. You are very cool, thank you!


I don't quite understand the settings. On the cube and the ball, it turns out to change direction and cut, but I cannot put the grass on the desired object. Either there is or not.  :'(