New thumb icons suck?

Started by NineAmulets, June 08, 2021, 07:37:22 AM

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I've downloaded 10.2 and it's great but why in they world was the cute and nice material icons changed? The new ones are terrible. You can't even see the texture very well and there is a number inside them. The number should  be placed below along with all the other info...what  do you  think?


I like the new ones. Since you don't, you can change them all back to the generic KeyShot ball if you want to. I know that you can do it by clicking each one (which would be a pain). Not sure if there's a way to make a sweeping change to all at once but, there should be.


Oh great! How do you do it? Click on them and then what? I would appreciate being able to do that, I love my old round icons, seems silly but whatever...


Just right click on the thumbnail you want to change and a menu will pop up. The last option in the list is "thumbnail style". Pick that and it will launch a window where you can choose a different icon. KeyShot Ball is one of the options. It appears you have to do this one at a time, which seems tedious. If there is a way to do more than one at a time, I couldn't find it.


Hello TGS808 and NineAmulets,

If you want to bulk change the material thumbnail style, you can do this by doing the following:

  • Multi-select everything in your library (select one material and press ctrl+a)
  • Then right click one and choose thumbnail style.
  • The style that you then choose here will be applied to all materials you have selected
Do note however, that it will have to re-render all the thumbnails manually. This might take a while, depending on your system specifications.


Nice. Thanks, Philip. I like the new icons but I'm sure NineAmulets will be happy to hear this.


I haven't messed with it, but I see that there is a comparative measurement on the new icons, is that supposed to be accurate? If anything just a gauge? If so that's going to be awesome as a reference for scale.


Hello mattjgerard,

The number in the middle of the model is indeed to help the user get a better feel for the size of the material's features.
They should be accurate :) .


Hi Matt,

The measurement in the center (25 mm, 100 mm or 1 m... sorry for you non-SI Unit guys...) is the outer diameter of the material disc.



I haven't had it change when downloading the new Keyshot but now that I had a look at them, it's really helpful that you can switch between thumbnails! Makes much more sense to use a draped cloth for the real cloth materials!