Error when using the render queue, but 'single' render works fine

Started by AdamAnt, March 13, 2021, 12:47:32 AM

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Hey guys,
I have 5 models that I want to render an animation for.
When I render the animation for 1 model at a time, the rendering works fine.

But when I add the 5 models to the render queue...(same settings)... the render doesnt start and the filenames turn red.

I figure this might be because of a memory issue or something, so I changed the memory for the render window to 8mb (read that in another thread), but also to 512 and even 1024... but im getting the same error.
When I try to delete the files in the queue, I also get a error that I dont have read/write permission to Keyshots 'scenes' folder. I have tried relocating this folder in the settings..but same error...

Im running windows 10 64 bit, with 64 RAM and a threadripper 2950x 16 core, on a GTX1080Ti videocard. And im using Keyshot 10

can anybody tell me what might be causing this error?


Not 100% positive, but a few things come to mind.

1. It could be where you installed the program. I ran into an issue where IT installed it into a user folder instead of the program folder and it was a pain to work until I figured out that I could only install it to the correct folder by Running the installer as Administrator (I have since made all upgrades and installations myself to make sure IT doesn't do it wrong anymore).

2. It could be space related. If you're close to the max storage on your hard drive (assuming that's where your Scenes folder is stored) maybe there's an issue there where you have enough room for the temp file but not enough for the render outputs??

3. Is it an issue between either the Scenes folder location or the render output location? You might have access rights to one, but not the other and therefore stops it from putting files there. My guess is since you can add them to the queue that it's not your scenes folder, so maybe check what rights you have to the target folder you're outputting to.

4. My assumption is that you're rendering local and not on a render farm?? What settings are you using for your renders? Can you post a screenshot of the render settings window? 

5. Your computer looks beefy enough, I doubt its a hardware or RAM issue. I know I can render animations locally from 10-20GB models with 64GB RAM just fine. The primary issue I run into is when the files are that large you can't queue up too many before you fill up a hard drive.


I know I'm a bit late to answer this thread, but I'm having the same issue. However, it's not always failing, only sometimes and usually the same files fail every time. I'm rendering locally without render farm or network rendering. Using GPU rendering.

I had 28 different files to render images of recently. They're all very similar in size and are all located in the same folder. But if I queue all 28 files and start processing them, only 14 of them rendered correctly. The other half did the same thing you're experiencing, render won't start and the filename turns red. Same error message about not being able to remove them. All 14 of them work just fine when rendering one by one with the exact same settings.
If I try starting the same 28 files again in queue, usually the same 14 files fail again. In very rare cases one or two additional files render correctly if I keep trying over and over.

I can't for the life of me figure out why this happens. Like I said, all 28 files are almost identical and are located in the same place. Output folder is the same for all of them. All files work when rendered one by one. 

I contacted our Keyshot supplier (third party) and their "expert" couldn't give me a definitive answer, but he guessed that it might be caused by me having an old GPU (Nvidia Quadro P2000). But he couldn't tell me why that would cause the queue to fail about 50% of the time while one-by-one renders work every single time. I doubt that the queue is more demanding than single renders when it comes to hardware.

This feels like an issue that I'll just have to deal with, because I've had it since I started working with KS about when KS9 was released. No one seems to be able to figure it out.
I was thinking that I might as well add my additional experiences with some renders failing and some working when I saw that you were having the same issues.