Labels / Decals on glass / clear material - how to manage logo 'doubling'

Started by ldichiara, June 10, 2021, 10:00:14 AM

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Hi All
I've posted about this previously but was wondering if I could get some additional insight. I am doing a lot of renders with packaging that is clear - bottles, vials, glass, etc...which in many cases I want to put branding on the bottles. When I go to render these what I am getting is a reflection of the label/logo on the inside of the glass which is not what I want.
The workaround that I have done is either by creating an occlusion setting in my material graph, which "works" but it seems to compromise a portion of the visual integrity of the image.
The other way is to split my surfaces and create faces with separate color attributes in Solidworks (my CAD software I am using) and then apply the logos just to that surface. This also appears to work but in doing it this way I don't know if I am compromising the rendering of the full bottle since I technically have it comprised of different material treatments.

Any suggestions welcome on the best way to tackle this.

Thank you,