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Started by bens74, September 02, 2021, 04:07:17 AM

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Hey folks!,

Sorry in advance for this noddy question - but what is the best and easiest way of creating some simple bathroom tiles and applying to walls?
I'm trying to add the following to some room surface geometry in KS

I'm and industrial product design engineer that uses about 20% of KS functionality and have been recently asked to by a friend to visualise a commercial bathroom. Creation of 3D CAD is part of what i do for a living so not afraid to model stuff from scratch if needed - or is it a case of finding a bathroom tile material/texture and then applying to the wall geometry? If so where can i get some materials/textures preferably free in a similar style as the tile above?

Thanks in advance!


Alright, the way I would do this:
- There is a material for small hexagonal tiles that comes with Keyshot, use this as the base (it is a procedural texture that has all the nodes to have realistic grout, bump, ...)
- In the material graph you change the hexagonal pattern to a square one (use C to preview the map). Change the dimensions to the tile size that works for you. You should have a white or black tile now with grout and some depth.
- Then change the base color to the base yellow you have in your reference image. If you need to add the geometric shapes to the tiles itself, you'll need to go into Photoshop and create this map yourself. You would then put the texture in Keyshot, tile it in a planar fashion and set the colors with color adjust node if you need to.

I hope that helps, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot myself if you share the package file. It's a fun material.


Thanks for this Kristof. I have spent the past 3 evenings watching KS youtube videos. What you've suggested is quite simple. Yes i found the hex tiles a few days ago and was quite frustrated that they didn't have any square or rectangular tiles i could modify. I'll give it a go over the next few days and will happily share the package file once ready.


hello bens74,

Kristof´s suggestion will lead you in the right direction, but I am afraid, he might have overseen, that your tiles have a rectangular shape and the square function (mesh) does not allow you to change the shape from square to rectangle (at least to my knowledge!)
In this case I would combine two line meshes, which gives you the control you need!
I have a added a a file, where I (very crudely) set up a basic tile material, which hopefully helps you as basic setup.

As Kristof already mentioned: the graphic elements most probably need to be placed manually as labels after you created them in PS!
Maybe someone has a more elegant solution here...would be curious myself!



That's a good other way of doing it. DesignGestalt, you can adjust the square shape itself to a rectangle but you're right the tile spacing is only square based. Using the two line meshes will get him the result he needs.