Exporting in GBL and USDZ

Started by Asif_AHMED, June 14, 2021, 04:43:34 AM

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Hello there,
I did import an STP file and did a simple rendering and exported it as GBL and USDZ format. the File size of USDZ and GBL was around 11 MB .  I have done exporting changing a couple of colors the file size was still the same for the model. But When I just added a simple Label on the top of the surface of the Model, The GBL file size came out to be 220MB , but the USDZ file size was still 11 MB, I changed exporting DPI quality to 100, But still, the GBL file size came out to be 80MB where as the USDZ file was 11MB. I rechecked all exporting settings. But Can't figure out why did it happens. For this project, the output file size has to be small like 10-12MB. Can Anyone help me out, please?


Decrease the DPI value to an acceptable minimum. If the label material has any bumps or roughness, try to deactivate these. Export the glb as glTF file and look into the subfolder of the glTF file. There you'll find the reason in the baked textures.

Hope that helps


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Thanks For your reply, I tried so many techniques, Like first of all the settings for DPI was 400, I decreased it to 100 by several steps, and checked the file size corresponding to it, I found a New Compressed Export button for GLB files , I checked that box and the converted file size got Decreased to 80 MB from around 300-400 MB. I again tried exporting the file without applying any settings from Keyshot , but the file is already rendered in STP format by use of another CAD software.

My motive is to get the file size below 20 MB for web sharing. What I can do to make it shorter? Since the pat is already had all it's color and Lebel? . I changed the material type from Diffuse to Paint, But it didn't work out that well. Please Help me to solve this issue, Thank you very much for reading.